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Key Players

The Mishap 1.JPG

The Mishap

The Mishap started perfecting his craft at the young age of 19. He was one of the few artists who already had half of the equation figured out. He has performed across different states, hit the top 100 up and coming artists on the independent radio play and had an article with a short Q&A featuring him on This is 50. He represents a different take on mainstream music because he will never conform to the basic bump and grind. He came from a family of military men and mid league UFC fighters, which has taught him to be above average and fight for what he believes in, including his passion for his art and music. His sound and his personality will always, and can only, be described as exclusive.

Illie Ave 1.JPG

illie Ave

Illie Ave has always been seen as the man of the people. When it comes to entertainment, in general, he has it down to a science. His performance on the big stage is unmatched. He captures his audience’s full attention the moment he speaks into the mic. Although people come to see him perform, his quality of music is the real power behind the man. His ability to produce ear-pleasing beats with impactful lyrics has become the perfect combination for his success. The quote he lives by is, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Illie Ave is a special kind of normal.



Ashanti Devon Blackmon, also known by the stage names DBLACC and 2'Cc. DBLACC is from the streets of Rialto, California. His music influences are Tupac, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and 50 Cent. The creative artist grew up playing football and received a full-ride scholarship to Oregon University. After 5 years of living and breathing college life as a Black African-American student-athlete, Devon finally released his first EP, "Painting Pictures." From his struggle at Oregon to his mild success at BYU, he eventually found his passion for music. This is only the beginning of his career. Volume 1.



Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, but moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, VanDre, also formally known as Versace, grew his love for hip-hop and R&B music from his parents when they would blast the stereo while spring cleaning and from his place in church choir. His music is heavily influenced by J Cole, Tyler The Creator, Drake and Chris Brown. At only 27, VanDre' has grown a presence in his hometown as an influential and prospering hip-hop artist. With his break into pop culture with his first hit "Caroline," the Virginia native has promising growth in the industry. His capability for lyricism and an ear for melodies are among the many reasons why first time listeners turn into instant fans. He has strong values for culture, friends and family and his artistic creativity giving him a base of stability in this energetic industry. 

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