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DBLACC's Single Speaks On Racial Inequalities in America

Updated: Jul 5, 2021


Los Angeles Artist Single Breaks Racial Barriers

DBLACC’s newest single “Black In America” speaks on racial inequalities

Salt Lake City Independent Variable’s artist, DBLACC, releases his newest single, “Black In America” on Friday, April 30. The song is available on all streaming platforms. The song is a part of his next EP, “Church Music.” The project speaks loudly on the racial inequalities faced by Black individuals in the country. DBLACC empowers those around him by telling his story through music. This EP is presented with raw, straight-to-the-point energy.

DBLACC is a Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist and football player. His sound combines raw lyricism with exciting beats and immersive melodies. Citing Tupac, Drake and Kendrick Lamar among his influences, the rapper started making music as a means to express and channel the inner turmoil he experienced through his years as both an athlete and artist. After committing to play football at University Oregon, Blackmon was redshirted, which would lead to a challenging period for the artist. Overcoming his inner struggles, DBLACC would transfer to BYU playing for the Cougars, focusing his energy on making music, releasing two albums and several singles in the last couple of years. His music is exciting, at times vulgar but consciously so, always asserting his beliefs in never giving up and remaining authentic to who he truly is.

“Black In America” is a critical song that portrays DBLACC’s experience being Black in the US and his experiences as an almost pro football player.. It’s energetic and exciting and relatable to those who have shared experiences. It falls in the sub-genres of “Horror Core,” “Soundcloud Rap,” and “Hyphy.”

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