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How To Draft A Successful Email Pitch

If you're an artist, you know that it takes a lot of work to get your song noticed. Nowadays, putting your music on streaming platforms just isn't enough. You have to prepare a full marketing campaign revolving around your release. This campaign can include social media stories and feed posts, radio appearances, free concerts, Facebook and Instagram lives, and the infamous email pitches to blogs and playlist curators.

Blogs and playlist curators are the secret to a great release! They can push your single to new limits by getting it in front of thousands of people, and if done right, those thousands of people should be close to your target market (Easily transitioned into raving fans)! However, they are constantly swarmed by artists alike who try to "get featured." This makes it ESSENTIAL to know what you're doing when you email them.

After getting help from publicists around the world, IV gained the inside scoop on how to craft the perfect email pitch. Follow these 5 easy tips and tricks to get featured on your next blog or playlist!

Research The Blog And Playlist

There is nothing more annoying to bloggers and curators than artists asking to be featured on a blog or playlist that has nothing to do with their genre or style. Be sure to read past articles and listen to other songs on the playlist to see if you are a good fit. In your email, elaborate on how you are a perfect match. You should also include what other artists you sound like or what brands are similar. Often you can be creative and find a reason or song that matches better than others.

Personalize Each Email

Most emails that seem to be mass-produced don't get opened. Personalize your subject line, greeting and email body to each individual recipient. NEVER BCC or CC a list of emails at the same time. Not only do you seem like spam, but you could potentially give away everyone's private email addresses.

Pro Tip - Make each recipient feel special by adding a compliment. It shows you are truly interested in their work and not just wanting something from them.

State Exactly What You Want

Try not to be vague. Simply state what you want. Do you want to be featured in an article? Added to a playlist? Added to their "Top 10 Upcoming Artists" list? There is no such thing as a mind reader. Most bloggers and curators tip their hats to straightforwardness. Again, they are always receiving emails from artists like yourself. There is no need or reason to not state exactly what you want. Make it easy for both parties. Keep it short and straight to the point.

Add Your Social Media Links, Spotify Profile, YouTube Channel and Website URL

By adding these, you make it easy for them to find more information. If they do decide to write about you they will need your bio and picture. Why make it difficult for them to market your music? After graduating with my PR and marketing degree, I learned to get what you want, you have to make it AS EASY AS POSSIBLE to work with you. Don't make them search for your details because in those split seconds they could change their minds.

Read The Submission Guidelines

Most blogs and curators have submission guidelines. Be sure to read and follow them. If they have a requirement of attaching a picture of yourself and you didn't add it, they probably won't want to take a second glance at your pitch. You can save yourself heartache by simply reading the guidelines before sending your emails.

Drafting the perfect email pitch can be tricky. If you aren't seeing success in any of your attempts, please reach out to us at Independent Variable. We are happy to help you get your music noticed by bloggers and playlist curators.

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