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Illie Ave’s newest single “Walk-In” features two close friends for a collaborative release

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Salt Lake City Independent Variable’s artist, Illie Ave, prepares to release his newest hit single, “Walk In” featuring two of his close friends, Versace and Harley J. on Friday, April 2. The song will be available on all streaming platforms. It is a bonus single to his “We’ll Be Rich Soon” EP. Illie Ave is excited to release the song to help promote his friends’ music as well as support other local artists.

Illie Ave is a Salt Lake City based hip hop artist, lyricist and entertainer. His music summons a natural raw and invigorating energy through infectious beats and smart lyricism. The rapper has developed his own style and musicality and has had the opportunity to work with other eclectic artists. For Ave, music is a means to bring fun, feel-good energy to others. With impactful lyrics and a captivating stage presence, the artist strives to bring excitement to his listeners through his own blend of evocative hip hop and trap.

“Walk-In” is fun song that portrays Illie’s relationship with Versace and Harley J. It’s fun and exciting, and the perfect song for friends to vibe to during the summer months. It falls in the sub-genres of “Horror Core,” “Soundcloud Rap,” and “Hyphy.” To pre-save the single and to learn more about Illie Ave, please go to

About Independent Variable (IV): Independent Variable Management is more than just another management company. It is changing the way artists, producers and collaborators view the industry. At IV, we help artists become key players in the field of music. Unlike other management companies, we offer lifetime distribution, production, marketing and management. We’re a team that works and competes for our artists. Our mission is to take the underdogs to the next level.

For more information about the Independent Variable’s artist, please contact Kailey Crooms at (801)499-7919, or visit


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