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Independent Variable Presents The 2021 “Set The Bar” Cypher

Salt Lake City Independent Variable (IV) prepares for their first event, The 2021 “Set The Bar” Cypher. The event will kick-off the year at Davis County's technology advanced venue Warehouse 22 on January 30. The Warehouse will be transformed into a world-class venue, featuring big Utah names in the rap and hip-hop genres.

The first line-up includes Salt Lake’s Illie Ave, Versace, Spit That Fire and Dblacc. It will also feature Ogden’s finest The Mishap, Elan Blase, Drobie and Jay Swiss.

All performers are seasoned local artists who will showcase their music during a cypher and their own 10-minute setlists. A cypher allows artists from different backgrounds and genres to show their diversity on a similar beat. Each performance may have the opportunity to sign a management deal with the innovative company.

This event will also debut IV as a brand new business in the area. The board members will make an appearance and present what the company has to offer. With the mission to take the underdogs in the music industry to the next level, IV provides artists distribution, production, marketing and management. Their website, promo video and first merchandise line launch the day of the event. Audience members will experience how the IVM League will reinvent the music industry in the mountainous state.

Tickets are available online at Tickets are on sale for $15. The price includes refreshments.

About Independent Variable (IV): Independent Variable Management is more than just another management company. It is changing the way artists, producers and collaborators view the industry. At IV, we help artists become key players in the field of music. Unlike other management companies, we offer lifetime distribution, production, marketing and management. We’re a team that works and competes for our artists. Our mission is to take the underdogs to the next level.

For more information about the “Set The Bar” Cypher, please contact Kailey Crooms at (801)499-7919 or at


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