The Mishap's Next Single - "Work Ethic"

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The Mishap’s newest single “Work Ethic” is predicted to push charts for inspiring NBA fans


Salt Lake City Independent Variable’s artist, The Mishap, prepares to release his newest hit single, “Work Ethic” on Friday, March 12. The song will be available on all streaming platforms. Athletes and artists alike will be inspired by the story and hook of the song. It captivates the feeling of hard work and triumph. It is dedicated to the one and only Kobe Bryant.

The Mishap started perfecting his craft at the young age of 19. He was one of the few artists who had half of the equation figured out. He has performed across different states, hit the Top 100 Up and Coming Artists on the independent radio play and had an article with a short Q&A featuring him on “This is 50.” He represents a different take of mainstream music because he will never conform to the basic bump and grind. He came from a family of military men and mid league UFC fighters, which has taught him to be above average and fight for what he believes in, including his passion for his art and music. His sound and his personality will always, and can only, be described as exclusive.

“Work Ethic” is motivating and inspirational, perfect for those anticipating the NBA championships and a fan of the late Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. To pre-save the single and to learn more about The Mishap, please go to

About Independent Variable (IV): Independent Variable Management is more than just another management company. It is changing the way artists, producers and collaborators view the industry. At IV, we help artists become key players in the field of music. Unlike other management companies, we offer lifetime distribution, production, marketing and management. We’re a team that works and competes for our artists. Our mission is to take the underdogs to the next level.

For more information about the Independent Variable’s artist, please contact Kailey Crooms at (801)499-7919, or visit


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