What is Independent Variable?

Independent Variable Management was founded to give music artists the leverage they need to have their stories heard. We discovered this need - local artists struggling to have a voice. With our team’s combined efforts in marketing, business and music industry connections, our goal is to take over the music industry with the artists who we know have the ability and talent to do so. We offer production, publishing, distribution and management. Our mission is to help the underdogs in the music industry get to the next level. IV has a league of its own.

Join the IV league now. have

Our team consists of Kailey Crooms (C.E.O), Rashad Crooms (President), Alax White (C.O.O) and Alexander Van Voris (C.I.O).

We have four signed artists under our management services - Illie Ave, The Mishap, DBLACC and Versace.

For more information or artist inquiries, please email us at info@ivmleague.com.

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