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Providing Everything You Need To Be Successful In The Leauge



With our team's top skills and connections in the industry, we will help guide your career to its fullest potential. We will handle everything from distribution, registering, production, publishing, marketing, bookings, publicity, etc. This way you can focus on what truly matters, the music! We are very selective on whom we add to our management deals. To be considered, please email us samples of your music and your social media accounts.

Lifetime Distribution

After paying a 1-time fee of $599, your music can be distributed for life. This means no more paying per project, every month or annually. Your music will no longer be threatened to be taken down if you stop paying. Also, we will teach you how to earn an actual income from your music. We will show you that you have the potential to quit your day job and create music full-time!

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Music Production

We have a variety of experienced in-house engineers we can happily connect you with. Prices vary depending on location, hours and your specific needs. 

Beat Curation

Our skilled in-house engineer can provide you with a custom beat or you can be there throughout the process to ensure it is exactly how you want it. Stop sharing a beat with hundreds of other artists when you can have one made solely for you and your song. Prices vary depending on needs. 

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There is no point in creating music if no one hears it. We can help push your music to its potential with email marketing, social media, blogging, event marketing and so much more. The price depends on needs and your customized marketing plan. 


We have specialized in pitching playlist curators by working with a national partner. We will pitch your music to various curators and push your music to new heights. We will then deliver you the results, feedback from playlists and analytics.  The minimum cost is $200. 

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